Education Rights Clinics

Get one-on-one legal counsel.


Through in-person, one-on-one meetings, Learning Rights counsels and advises low-income parents and develops individualized action plans that each parent can use to address their child’s education issues. During this legal diagnostic session, a parent has the opportunity to discuss their child’s educational issues.


After the initial consultation, a Learning Rights staff attorney determines whether the student is being offered equitable access to a public education. The parent then receives a plan developed specifically for their child with actionable steps to remedy the issues at hand. Learning Rights also provides the parent with pertinent resource information and an invitation to apply for the TIGER Training Program.


When appropriate, students and their families may be offered direct legal representation to resolve the student’s education issues. In 2018, Learning Rights provided more than 670 consultations to parents of children with education access issues.


To schedule an appointment, please contact us at or click here for our Education Rights Clinics Online Request Form.

If you would like to walk-in, the following days are scheduled for walk-in clinics: