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Learning Rights Law Center is pleased to have honored Kristy Emory and Mayra Jimenez with our Community Volunteer Award and Raul Munoz with the Student Volunteer Award for their extraordinary dedication to Learning Rights’ children and their families at our 2nd Annual PIE (Progress in Education) Event.


Since Kristy joined Beginning TIGER in Watts in 2014, she has not ceased to amaze us with her passion for children's education rights - after completing Intermediate TIGER, she petitioned with the TIGER staff to start the new Beginning TIGER training in Long Beach, which she also runs today. Kristy is a great example of how the TIGER Program not only encourages parents to learn how to advocate on behalf of their children, but also how the Program inspires and empowers its participants to create change in their communities.


















Mayra Jimenez joined TIGER two years ago as a parent in need of training. Since then, she’s helped a number of parents. Today, Mayra is one of Learning Rights' Parent Leaders along with other parents from Downey, Highland Park, and the Westside. Mayra continues to attend TIGER (she will be in Advanced next year) and helps coordinate the Beginning TIGER efforts in Long Beach.

















After interning with Learning Rights this summer, Raul continues to donate his time to disability-related causes. Raul is a great example of what a person living with Autism Spectrum Disorders can achieve. He graduated from the University of California, has a full-time job and still finds the time to advocate for children with disabilities. Raul frequently makes presentations on Autism Spectrum Disorders to parent groups either with Learning Rights or other organizations. He intends to continue to advocate for children with disabilities.















Inés Kuperschmit, Learning Rights Co-Executive Director and Co-Founder, and Kristy Emory

Inés Kuperschmit, Learning Rights Co-Executive Director and Co-Founder and Mayra Jimenez

Inés Kuperschmit, Learning Rights Co-Executive Director and Co-Founder and Raul Munoz

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