Learning Rights Law Center seeks to achieve education equity for low-income and disadvantaged students in the public education system in the greater Los Angeles area.  We change the lives of at-risk students who have disabilities, face discrimination or are involved in the dependency or juvenile justice systems by providing free legal services, education advocacy, and community training.


We believe that every child has a right to learn. Since 2005, Learning Rights Law Center has been promoting and protecting the individual right to education for children in the Greater Los Angeles area. The focus of our direct legal representation and education advocacy is to get low income and disadvantaged children the education services and support they need to succeed in school.  The purpose of our education training and community outreach programs is to empower families and provide a basis for true grassroots education reform.  Our vision is a world in which all children may pursue a meaningful and equitable education that provides them with a brighter future and the means to become successful adults.